Equipment and Materials

Digital Fabrication Workshop

Digital Fabrication is the process of making objects through the aid of digital design tools. Most of our DigiFab equipment supports graphic design applications like Adobe illustrator, and can be used to make anything that can be designed digitally, including custom stickers, keychains or 3D models! 


Wood Shop

The Maker-space wood shop allows makers to access traditional carpentry power tools including various types of saws and sanding equipment, as well as hand tools and essential safety gear. Formal instruction about operating machinery and equipment training will be provided on site to ensure the safety of visitors.


Sawstop Contractor Saw

A flat table saw with an emergency stop feature, full blade guard and cast-iron support that can be used to saw through a maximum of 4ft x 8ft block of material (wood or aluminum).  

Band Saw

A power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two wheels and used for making irregular or curved cuts in pieces of wood.  

Miter Saw

A specialized power tool that allows users to make cuts at various angles. The blade is mounted on a swing arm that pivots up and down, and is covered with a guard when the saw is not in use. This saw is specifically used to cut miter joints.  

Dewalt Scroll Saw

A tool that is often used to cut intricate curves and joints with precision and accuracy. They are also useful in cutting dovetail joints. The blade is fragile and prone to snapping. 

Drill Press

A bench-top power tool that is used for drilling holes into wood blocks. Comes with drill heads that vary in shape and size.

Belt Sander

A bench-top tool used for level and sand down rough and uneven surfaces. It can also be used for shaping and cleaning up curved edges.

Spindle Sander

A tool mostly used to refine intricate curved surfaces/edges. Can be used to sand inside the surfaces of deep holes.

CNC Router

It is a machine that used computer programming to control a high speed rotating cutter that can cut and shape materials.

Heat Press

It is a machine that utilizes heat to apply designs onto materials using a combination of pressure from the heated upper platen onto the lower platen.