Nuclear Power

How has Chornobyl shaped our understanding of nuclear power and its potential benefits? Created by the 2023 Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows at Bryn Mawr College, this exhibition contextualizes Chornobyl within a longer history of accidents and describes the basic science of nuclear reactors and was inspired by questions about the impact of disaster narratives on energy policy.

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Mst. Fariha Tasnim Busra is a rising sophomore at Bryn Mawr College, and majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Data Science. Her long-term goal is to build a human library, and she is on the track to make it a reality. She believes in the power of storytelling to nurture understanding, empathy, and a sense of interconnectedness among people. Beyond the classroom, she is all about celebrating her vibrant Bangladeshi culture! You might spot her rocking in a shari on a random day(on campus or anywhere)! Also she is always indulged into the beats of Bangla music and lost in the Bangla movies. Satyajit Ray, Rituporno Ghosh, and Rittik Ghatak are her absolute favorites! She is always on the lookout for an opportunity that lets me put her passion and skills to work. She has desires to focus on research and innovation, navigating what’s possible with data corporating the perspective of humanities.

Katya Little is a Growth and Structure of Cities major minoring in Russian and Data Science. She is interested in using data analytics and GIS to explore solutions for sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and affordable housing. She is excited to bring the web development, exhibit planning, and critical making skills she learned over the course of this fellowship to future projects!

Ksenia Mats is an intended Biology major with a Data Science and Russian minor, who is interested in data visualizing of topics related to sustainability and leaving a smaller carbon footprint behind. She is interested in building a digital exhibition while acquiring data visualization, project management, and web development skills with her team. In her free time, Ksenia likes spending time in nature, listening to music, and reading.

Leela Smelser is a rising senior working towards an independent major in Creative Writing and Classics. She is interested in the creation of art through data visualizations and the process of building a digital exhibition. In her free time, she enjoys explaining the cyclical nature of the Legend of Zelda timeline, working on her 1400 hour Animal Crossing island, and writing.

Skye Zhong is an Anthropology and Archaeology double major hoping to triple major in Classics. As someone who loves old things, she is intrigued by the ways they manifest in contemporary digital media. She looks forward to apply skills in data visualization, web publishing and critical making acquired from the summer fellowship in various future projects. In her freetime, she enjoys reading, watching bad sitcoms, and staring at the pet cam hoping her cat walks by.

Digital Scholarship Summer Fellows Program, Bryn Mawr College, Summer 2023