Conflicting Truths: Exploring the Conspiracy Theories of Chernobyl

The following project aims to analyze Chernobyl conspiracies originating from Soviet Russia, Ukraine, and the United States, in an attempt to trace their origins and explore their deeper consequences for how we understand any instance of large-scale tragedy. This project argues that although conspiracy theories muddle the truth of tragic events, allowing a lack of accountability and making it more difficult to prevent such events from happening again, there is value in analyzing their origins and meanings. Conspiracy theories should not necessarily be considered truthful, however, they can provide insight into the emotional responses victims of tragic events have.

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Clare D’Amato ‘23 runs for Swarthmore’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams and writes for The Phoenix. In her free time, she enjoys reading about crazy conspiracy theories and baking.

RUSS043 Chernobyl: Nuclear Naratives and the Environment, Swarthmore College, Spring 2020