Guidelines and Policies

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Bryn Mawr College’s Makerspace is to provide a digital and technical learning environment open to all College community members, including clubs, students, alumni, faculty and staff. The various equipment and materials available in our wood shop and digital fabrication workshop allow us to provide a creative space for individuals to utilize tools and services they may not otherwise have access to. We strive to provide the resources necessary to promote self-expression, design-thinking, creativity, and innovation amongst a diverse group of individuals. It is our hope that the Makerspace will be a place where regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, or socioeconomic status, anyone has an equal opportunity to share and develop their knowledge, skills, and ideas. The Makerspace is designed to be a place of expression, where an ambition to learn and grow thrives. Thinking outside of the box, collaborating with others, and testing new ideas are encouraged!

Makerspace Use Policy

Please review Bryn Mawr’s Makerspace code of conduct and safety manual below:

Accessibility Information

Learn about how accessibility and inclusivity are at the forefront of Bryn Mawr’s Makerspace

Accessibility in the Makerspace

Our aim for the Makerspace was to re-configure the physical layout of both the digital fabrication side and the woodshop so that not only was there enough room for several people to safely operate the equipment within the Makerspace, particularly in the woodshop, but to make the space accessible for people using mobility aids such as wheelchairs. This process involved shuffling around the equipment, figuring out alternate options for storage of unused and scrap materials, resizing and altering the heights of the counters and widening the passage of movement in the space to comply with ADA standards for accessibility. 

Learn more about the 2010 ADA Guidelines for Accessibility here.  

It is encouraged to reach out to the Makerspace supervisors through Bryn Mawr College Access Services for accommodations within the Makerspace. 

The Makerspace also plans to develop an instructional directory on how to use the equipment within the Digital Fabrication section to develop accessibility aids for those who want to.  

New Makerspace Floor Plan

Check out our new layout which has been redesigned to be more accessible. We strive to continue to improve upon the Makerspace so that it is inclusive and accessible to everyone in the Bryn Mawr community.

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Inclusivity in the Makerspace

The Bryn Mawr College Makerspace aims to serve all people and all communities regardless of race, gender, age, ethnicity, disability, background, and field that they are interested in. To accomplish and accelerate inclusivity in the maker environment, we make sure to have constant vigilance and encourage Makerspace members to give us feedback anytime through incident report forms on our website. We are also open to any ideas and suggestions about workshops, the physical configuration of Makerspace, and accessibility guidelines since we consider all Bryn Mawr community members as advocates for promoting inclusiveness of Makerspace environment. We empower community members to include them as allies for making things that are important to them and to encourage them to be makers to freely express their ideas and ambitions. In order to make learning activities accessible, Bryn Mawr Makerspace provides a wide variety of workshops and tutorials to teach how to handle different digital fabrication equipment and woodshop tools so that everyone who comes to Makerspace feels successful and welcome.