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Mawrginalia: Reader markings in Bryn Mawr College Books


In 2019, Bryn Mawr's Library and Information Technology Services was invited to participate in Book Traces, a multi-institution data collection effort led by Andrew Stauffer and Kristin Jensen at University of Virginia, by surveying books in our collections for reader markings and interventions. Mawrginalia aims to highlight some of the strange and fascinating marginal notes and other markings our team found in Bryn Mawr College library books, many of which were donated from the personal collections of administrators, professors, and notable figures in the college’s history. Whether scribbles, annotations, inserts, or owners’ names, readers leave traces of themselves on the pages, rendering each book copy unique. The project explores how people have interacted with books not just as texts, but also as material objects, shedding new light on Bryn Mawr’s library holdings.

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