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The Cadbury Poster Collection is made up of 24 Chinese political posters from the 1920’s, collected by William Warder Cadbury, a Quaker missionary and physician who lived in China from 1909-1941. On this site you will find high-quality digitized scans of the posters, whose physical location is in Haverford College's Quaker and Special Collections. Although this site is a work in progress, you will find essays related to the history and culture of the Cadbury Poster Collection, transcriptions and translations of the posters, and other features that we hope will help viewers explore the political world of China in the 1920’s. This site is developed by a collaboration between faculty, staff, and students at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in Pennsylvania.


Please note, that some of the posters depict violence, racism, nationalism, atrocities, and many kinds of abuses.  Users are therefore encouraged to think critically about the sensitive nature of these images, and, especially, to consider them in the context in which they were made. The posters date to a very violent time in Chinese history, and the artists reacted to the trauma of the times in turn.


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