The Tale of Genji from Princesses to Pop

Chapter 12

[D]ay and night Murasaki’s image floated up before his eyes. His longing became so intense that he once more considered bringing her in secret to Suma. But upon further reflection he dismissed the idea. The least he could do while in this sorrowful world was to lessen his sins, he thought, and immediately proceeded to fast and spend his days and nights in prayer and meditation. – Chapter Twelve, “Suma,” The Tale of Genji

CHAPTER 12 Summary

Forlorn poetic associations, from autumn winds to isolated coasts and the brine of the sea, populate the chapters of Genji’s exile, first in Suma and later in Akashi. While pining for his forbidden love Fujitsubo and his beloved Murasaki, Genji meets the Lady Akashi and her father. Although Lady Akashi is unwilling, she becomes involved with Genji at her father’s insistence, giving birth to a daughter. In this woodblock triptych, we see Genji and an attendant walking along the shore of Akashi beneath the full autumn moon. In the right panel of the triptych, we see the Lady Akashi and a companion viewing the moon as well as the scene below

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