The Tale of Genji from Princesses to Pop

Chapter 10

He had brought back autumn leaves more deeply tinted by the dews than the leaves in his garden. Fearing that people might be remarking upon his neglect of Fujitsubo, he sent a few branches as a routine gift … Looking more closely, Fujitsubo, saw hidden in them a tightly folded bit of paper. She flushed, for her women were watching. The same thing all over again! – Chapter Ten, “The Sacred Tree,” The Tale of Genji

CHAPTER 10 Summary

The Tenth Chapter of The Tale of Genji continues the narrative thread of Genji and Fujitsubo’s forbidden love. Genji has had many successful affairs and married his beloved Murasaki, yet he continues to pine for Fujitsubo, who has refused to see him since their first and only tryst. Fujitsubo, having born Genji a son, is torn by guilt. Although this most dangerous of liaisons remains secret, Genji’s romantic trysts lead to growing complications in his life at court, even causing him to go into voluntary exile.

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