The Living Campus map was envisaged by Cara Palladino and Kate Fernandez (both of Alumnae Relations & Development) and supported by a Digital Bryn Mawr seed grant. The map was created through collaborations with Alicia Peaker (LITS), Dawn DiGiovanni (Facilities), Christian Zavica (Communications), Robin Parks (Communications), and through the labor and creativity of a number of students. In 2018, Lille van der Zanden (‘20) and Cara Navarro (‘20) collected data and photographs of the trees and objects represented on the map. Cara also designed early data structures for the map and created a working prototype. In 2019, Nisha Choudhary (‘21) built on this work, adding functionality and polishing the map while Andrew Tharler (Ph.D. Archaeology, '19) served as the Project Manager and helped bring the project to completion.