Content Kits

Want to practice web publishing, but don’t have any content of your own that you’re ready to share? No problem! We’ve assembled some themed kits of free-to-use stock images and video, as well as excerpts from public domain texts.

Looking for more ? The vast world of Open Access is at your fingertips! The Library of Congress’s Free to Use and Reuse page compiles public domain content from LOC collections on a variety of themes, from ice cream to bicycles to jazz music, and all digital objects are accompanied by detailed metadata (useful if you want to make a sample exhibition in Omeka). The Smithsonian Institution has a similar open access initiative – just look for the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) icon on Smithsonian museum and library websites.

We pulled our stock images and video from Pexels and Unsplash, and found the public domain text on Project Gutenberg. You can also use tools like Lorem Ipsum and Lit Ipsum to generate filler text.