Roland BN-20

Equipment Information: Roland BN-20


The Roland BN20 is a 20” print and cut machine that can make stickers, posters, prints, decals, and heat transfer custom graphic designs for clothes, bags, and many other products. It is a full color printer and a standard vinyl cutter, which can print graphics up to 1440 dpi and automatically contour cut them. The Roland BN20 uses up/down electronic controls which allows for accurate cutting results. This device can support rolls up to 20 inches wide by 50 ft and weighing up to 13 lbs. The dimensions of the Roland BN20 in the Makerspace is 45 (W) x 24 (D) x 43 (H) in. 

Safety Precautions

Improper handling or operation of this machine may result in injury or damage to property. Points which must be observed to prevent such injury or damage are described as follows: 

  1. Keep children away from the machine. 
    • The machine includes areas and components that pose a hazard to children and may result in injury, blindness, choking, or other serious accidents. 
  2. Never operate the machine while tired or after ingesting alcohol or any medication. 
  3. Never use the machine for any purpose for which it is not intended or use the machine in an undue manner that exceeds its capacity. 
  4. When output is not being carried out, remove media or switch the sub power off. 
    • If the same section is continuously heated, there is a fire risk or media may generate toxic gas. 
  5. Never attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify the machine. 
    • Doing so may result in fire, electrical shock, or injury. Entrust repairs to a trained service technician. 
  6. Exercise caution to avoid being pinched or becoming caught.
    • Inadvertent contact with certain areas may cause the hand or fingers to be pinched or become caught. Use care when performing operations. 
  7. Never attempt operation while wearing a necktie, necklace, or loose clothing. Bind long hair securely.  
    • Such items may become caught in the machine, resulting in injury 
  8. Never climb or lean on the machine. 
  9. If sparking, smoke, burning odor, unusual sound, or abnormal operation occurs, immediately unplug the power cord. Never use if any component is damaged. 
  10. Never drink or sniff ink, cleaning fluid, or discharged fluid, or allow them to come in contact with the eyes or skin. 

Operation Precautions

  1. Make sure that the main power is always on.  
    • Never switch the main power off. Continuous power on allows the automatic maintenance function to work periodically. Failure to ensure automatic maintenance will result in a malfunction of the machine, such as a damaged print head. 
  2. During operation, never unplug or switch the main power off. 
    • During operation, if the main power is switched off, or unplugged, the print heads may be damaged. The sub power switch must always be turned off before the main power is switched off. To turn off the sub power switch, press and hold down the POWER key. If accidentally the main power is switched off, immediately switch the main power and sub power (POWER key) back on again. 
  3. For accessories (optional and consumable items, power cord, and the like), use only genuine articles compatible with this machine. 
  4. Before attempting cleaning, maintenance, or attachment or detachment of optional items, disconnect the power cord. 
  5. Never allow any foreign object to get inside. Never expose to liquid spills. 
  6. Never place any flammable object nearby. 
  7. Ensure adequate ventilation for the work area. 

Roland BN-20 Safe Use Manual

Equipment Operation

Navigate through the guide to learn how to properly and safely use the Roland BN-20. In-person training with a staff member is recommended and available in the Makerspace as well.

Roland BN-20 Master Guide