RISO Printer SF 9450 

Riso Printer


RISO Printer SF9450 is a series of RISO digital duplicators that allows users to create a broad range of media, such as flyers, brochures, stickers, newsletters, booklets, etc. Specifically, a 7-inch color LCD touch panel displays functions for printing, copying, scanning and managing data, which improves the comprehensive accessibility of RISO printer. It accepts a wide range of paper types, including recycled paper, coarse paper, cards, and envelopes. Also, the printer has high image quality of 600 x 600 dpi printing that improves resolution for both scanning and printing.  

Safety Precautions

Improper handling or operation of this machine may result in injury or damage to property. Points which must be observed to prevent such injury or damage are described as follows: 

  1. Be sure to plug in the power cord securely to prevent poor contact in the power plug section. 
  2. Do not open covers or move this machine during operation. 
  3. Do not insert your fingers in the areas around the standard try or stacking tray.  
  4. The inside of the printer may have areas with ink. Be careful not to let the ink come in contact with your hands or clothing. If ink accidentally makes contact with your skin, wash it off with soap as soon as possible.  
  5. The ink is a combustible liquid. In the event of fire, use potassium carbonate mist, foam, powder, or a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.  
  6. If you use paper that is not compatible with this machine, it may result in problems such as paper jamming, soiling or malfunctions.  
  7. Do not use the following paper types as they will cause problems.  
    • paper that does not comply with the conditions in the basic specifications.  
    • paper with a processed surface, such as thermal paper or carbon paper 
    • curled paper 
    • paper with wrinkles 
    • bent paper 
    • torn paper 
    • paper with ripples 
    • coated paper such as art paper 
    • paper with jagged edges 
    • glued paper 
    • paper with holes 
    • glossy paper for photographs

Operation Precautions

  1. During operation, never unplug or switch the main power off. 
    • During operation, if the main power is switched off, or unplugged, the print heads may be damaged. The sub power switch must always be turned off before the main power is switched off.
  2. Do not move any of the printer covers or the printer during operation.
  3. Do not put heavy things onto the top.
  4. For accessories (optional and consumable items, power cord, ink cartridges, and the like), use only genuine articles compatible with this machine. 
  5. Before attempting cleaning, maintenance, or attachment or detachment of optional items, disconnect the power cord. 

RISO Printer SF 9450 Safe Use Manual

Equipment Operation

Navigate through the guide to learn how to properly and safely use the RISO Printer SF 9450 . In-person training with a staff member is recommended and available in the Maker-space as well.

RISO Printer SF 9450 Master Guide