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2022 Summer Internship: Audrian Flory ’24

July 11, 2020

Name: Audrian Flory

Class Year: 2024

Major: Psychology

Minor: Creative Writing

Hometown: Takoma Park, MD

Internship Organization: LITS

Job Title: Digital Technology Intern

Location: Bryn Mawr College, PA


My name is Audrian and I am a member of Bryn Mawr Class of 2024. I am currently a part of Bryn Mawr’s Digitech Summer Internship Program and am working with staff to not only increase the accessibility of academic documents but also to make Bryn Mawr’s Makerspace an accessible and available space for all community members. 

What being a maker means to me

Personally, I feel that my ability to imagine, create, and make things is a core part of my identity. Creativity first became a part of my life in the form of storytelling as a small child and since then has grown into a broad range of skills I currently use to make art. Even as a college student, storytelling still sits at the core of everything I make and has become a tool that I use to teach others about experiences that aren’t their own. My hope is that through my time as an intern I will be able to use my skills of creativity, physical construction, and storytelling to improve campus and make others feel more accepted and welcome within the community.

The focus of my internship

So far one of the most pivotal tasks for me has been starting the process of physically reorganizing the makerspace to make it more accessible. So far, this process has required intense research of ADA guidelines, group discussion, extensive measuring, and the use of commuter programs like adobe illustrator to create accurate blueprints of the space. This experience so far has not only been a challenge but has also felt very rewarding. As a disabled student myself, I am directly impacted by inaccessibility therefore it has been empowering to not only learn about what can be done to improve things but also being one of the people who physically gets the chance to do it. The importance of empowering disabled students like myself and giving us the power to change things for the better is crucial and cannot be understated. 

Looking forward

Going forward I am most driven by the projects occurring in the makerspace. I am excited to not only reorganize the layout, but also to learn to use all the machines within the space so that I have the power to teach other students how to take advantage of the new technology Bryn Mawr now has available.