Formlabs Printer Form 3

Equipment Information: Formlabs Printer Form 3


The Form is a precision tool intended for use in the additive manufacture of end-user supplied designs from photopolymer resin. Its display includes a touchscreen and status lights. The touchscreen displays print information, settings, and error messages. It serves as the user interface for the Form 3. The status lights indicate the printer’s state. Refer to messages on the touchscreen to understand the meaning of the status lights.

Safety Precautions

Read and Understand this manual and its safety instructions before using the Form 3. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death.

  1. Laser
    • The Form 3 is a Class 1 Laser product. Only remove the shells of the printer with authorization from Formlabs or a certified service provider. Disconnect power before removing the shells.
    • The laser beam is harmful to the eyes, so avoid direct contact. The Form 3 contains an interlock system to automatically shut off the laser when the cover is open. If this system is tampered with or fails, there is a risk of exposure to Class 3B laser light.
  2. Sharp Tools
    • The accessories include sharp tools such as: a port removal tool, flush cutters, a scraper, and tweezers.
    • Cutting hazard. Using these tools on slippery surfaces (such as a resin-coated build platform) can result in sudden movement. Orient sharp tools away from yourself, especially when cutting or scraping.
    • Some methods of support removal cause small pieces of supports to break away. Beware of flying debris. Wear eye protection and gloves to protect the skin and eyes.
  3. Resin
    • Respect Formlabs resin link any household chemical.
    • Never ingest resin in liquid or solid form. If swallowed, immediately call a poison center or medical professional.
    • Resin may cause skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction. Wear gloves when handling liquid resin or resin-coated surfaces. Wash skin with plenty of soap and water.
    • In general, Formlabs resin is not approved with food, drink, or medical applications on the human body. However, biocompatible resins, such as Dental SG Resin, are biologically safe for specific types and lengths of exposure to the human body.
  4. Radio Interface
    • This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.
    • Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  5. Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
    • IPA is flammable. Keep containers closed.

Formlabs 3D printer_The Form 3 Safety Manual

Equipment Operation

Operational Environment

: The operating temperature for Formlabs printers is 64-82 F (18-28 C). For optimal printing, do not exceed this range.


  1. Download or Update PreForm
    • Visit the PreForm product webpage to download the latest version:
    • Learn to use PreForm from the tutorials available in the software menu.
  2. Power the Printer On
    • Connect the power cable. The printer initiates automatically. To turn off the printer completely (when moving or storing the printer and to conserve power), disconnect the power cord from the power source.
  3. Prepare File for Print
    • Use PreForm software to process STL or OBJ files.
    • Prepare, save, and upload FORM files to the printer.
  4. Pre-Print Checks
    • The printer checks the following before each print job:
      1. Accessories – sensors check for the proper installation of the resin tank, build platform, and resin cartridge.
      2. Temperature – the print chamber and resin heat to around 35 C. A heating fan blows air across the heater into the resin tank to heat the resin.
      3. Resin – resin flows from the cartridge into the tank when the cartridge dispense arm squeezes the valve open. The Form 3 regulates the volume of resin in the tank through a sensor called the LevelSense board, which is located behind the resin tank. The printer begins to fill the resin tank once a print starts and maintains the level of resin in the tank during the print. Printing begins automatically when LevelSense detects the proper amount of resin.
  5. Start or Stop a Print
    • To start a print, select the job on the touchscreen, and follow the prompts.
    • To stop a print in progress, select pause, then abort the print.

To learn Finishing part, check “Print with the Form 3” on the installation guide.