Code of Conduct

Bryn Mawr College Makerspace Code of Conduct

The Bryn Mawr College Makerspace is open to clubs, classes, students, alumni, faculty and staff. All users of the Makerspace must review and abide by the following rules. If you have any questions regarding the code of conduct, please contact us Here. 

Golden Rule

While the Golden Rule of “treat others how you wish to be treated” is a popular rule that is often in place in workspaces, at the Bryn Mawr Makerspace we wish to operate differently. When we only treat others how we ourselves wish to be treated we can easily fail to see the perspectives of others and therefore, treat them in a way that makes them deeply uncomfortable. Every individual has a different set of circumstances that dictate their needs and preferences, and as such those differences must be acknowledged. Therefore, when you enter the Makerspace to work on a project, our code of conduct asks that instead you make an effort to treat the people around you as they wish to be treated. Rather than assuming, ask others what they need from you, how they wish to be addressed, etc. Respect their pronouns, culture, and background regardless of your own personal opinions, and remember first and foremost that respect, open dialogue, and honest discussion are the best ways to keep our Makerspace community a safe and welcoming place for all patrons. 

Guiding Principles

  1. Makerspace users prioritize the safety and well-being of others in the space. If it seems like someone is doing something that has the potential to harm them or others in the Makerspace, politely inform them or a Makerspace staff member about the risk.  
  2. Makerspace users are respectful to all other members and staff; avoid using crude language.  
  3. Makerspace users are respectful of the space around them; avoid performing actions that might make others uncomfortable or put others safety at risk.  
  4. Makerspace users are respectful of other people’s time; if a machine is being used by another individual, do not tamper with it to work on personal projects. Using machinery that is currently being used by someone is not only rude and inconsiderate, but miscommunication may also arise leading to serious injury.  
  5. The Makerspace is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members. 
  6. Makerspace users utilize the space and resources to uphold the mission statement. 
  7. The Makerspace does not tolerate intimidation, harassment, discrimination and bullying of any kind. 
  8. The Makerspace upholds the principle that individuals interacting within the space are equal and must be treated as such. 
  9. Makerspace users should speak up when someone or something is making them uncomfortable. If a user feels they have been harmed or need help, communicate with a staff member. If a user is unable to or uncomfortable with reporting to a staff member, they should fill out the incident report form on the Makerspace website, which can be submitted anonymously.  
  10. Makerspace users should be mindful of other people’s ideas and intellectual property; give credit! 


  1. Makerspace access is open to all members of Bryn Mawr college, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 
  2. Makerspace access may be revoked if an individual fails to comply with the code of conduct. 
  3. Training for specific equipment is available for all Makerspace users. Training is required for all equipment in the wood shop. Before using any equipment in the digital fabrication lab, consult a staff member; training may be required prior to using some equipment. 
  4. A staff member must be present for all projects conducted in Makerspace. 


  1. Makerspace users immediately report injuries to staff members. 
  2. If there is an emergency within Makerspace, contact college security at 831-458-0949 
  3. Makerspace users only use equipment that they are absolutely sure how to operate.


  1. Makerspace users are expected to clean their workspace and tools after they are done with work. 
  2. Makerspace users are responsible for putting away all the equipment back into their designated locations.  
  3. Tools cannot be taken outside of the Makerspace without permission from a staff member.  
  4. If an item is misplaced or damaged, Makerspace users are required to inform a staff member. 
  5. Makerspace users are expected to properly dispose of trash. 
  6. Makerspace users are responsible for putting away unused materials in appropriate storage spaces.  
  7. Makerspace users are expected to be mindful of the Makerspace time and resources they may be using; they are required to consult the Makerspace supervisor before undertaking a time and resource-heavy project.  
  8. Before pursuing a costly/consumption-heavy, Makerspace users are required to consult a staff member to discuss the feasibility of the project and be open to alternative approaches.  
  9. Makerspace users are expected to wait if the equipment they want to use or the Makerspace itself is occupied. 

Intellectual Property

  1. Users of the Makerspace must agree to the following statement regarding intellectual property: 
    • “I warrant that I am authorized to use the applicable files, data, images, or any other materials (collectively “Content”) in the Makerspace and that the use of the Content will not infringe upon any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary or intellectual property rights.”

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