The Makerspace exists to give all members of the Bryn Mawr College community the opportunities, resources and support they need to learn, experiment and develop as builders, designers and makers.

As of Fall 2020 we have, or are in the process of installing tools for 3D scanning and printing, laser cutting and etching, physical computing, sewing and textile arts, and basic carpentry and woodworking.

Workshops and instruction will be delivered online and on-site as appropriate. Appointments for tool use and in-person consultations will be required to ensure that our space can be accessed in a safe and equitable way.

Our goals are to:

  • Support the educational and pedagogical work of students, faculty and staff on campus.
  • Provide resources and guidance to those interested in digital and traditional design and fabrication methods.
  • Highlight work related to critical making and material culture.
  • To provide an informal space where Bryn Mawr community members can learn and develop their own making practices.

To schedule an appointment with Bronwen Densmore, Makerspace Coordinator, please use the link below. Unless notified, all appointments will occur on Zoom.