Official automobile blue book, 1920 Volume 3

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Official automobile blue book, 1920 Volume 3


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Official automobile blue book, 1920. Vol. 3, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia and West Virginia : with extension routes into New York, Ohio, Tennessee and North Carolina.&nbsp;<br /><br />


New York ; Chicago : Automobile Blue Book Publishing Co.




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Philadelphia Section

Page 287

Route 215


25.7 0.5 Fork; keep right along RR.

25.8 0.1 Port Kennedy, 4-corners. Turn right across RR.

Washington memorial chapel on right 26.6 and old fort on right 26.9.

Valley Forge map, page 284; Points of interest, page 285.

27.4 1.6 Caution—right-hand road; turn right downgrade along Schuylkill river. Turn left with road at Washington’s headquarters 27.9.

28.0 0.6 VALLEY FORGE, 4-corners, bridge on right. Turn left.

HOTELS—Washington Inn.

28.2 0.2 Fork; keep right upgrade.

28.7 0.5 Irregular 4-corners, old school on right; turn right.

29.1 0.4 Fork; keep right downgrade. Avoid right-hand road 29.4.

30.6 1.5 New Centerville Straight thru.

Right is Route 291 to Chester and Route 151 to Downingtown.

Avoid left-hand diagonal road 30.7, keeping ahead under RR.

Diagonally left at 30.7 is Route 252 to Trenton.

31.2 0.6 Fork, just beyond RR underpass; bear right. Bear left at top of grade 32.-.

32.3 1.1 End of road, garage on left; turn left. Caution for right and left turn under $$ 33.0.

33.1 0.8 Devon. Straight thru. Thru Strafford 33.6. Avoid right-hand diagonal road 33.8.

34.5 1.4 Wayne, Lancaster pike & Wayne Ave., P. O. on left. Straight thru on Lancaster pike.

SERVICE STA.—United States Tire Sales & Service Depots located here.

Thru St. Davids 35.3.

SERVICE STA.—United States Tire Sales & Service Depots located here.

36.8 2.3 Villanova, campus on left. Straight thru. Avoid left-hand road 38.1. Thru Bryn Mawr* 38.8. Thru 5-corners 39.3. Thru Haverford* 39.8 and Ardmore 40.5.

43.3 6.5 Overbrook, diagonal 4-corners, water trough on left. Bear right onto 63rd St., joining trolley. Bear slightly right across trolley 44.1.

45.0 1.7 Left-hand street, Cobb’s Creek park on right; turn left onto Walnut St.

47.9 2.9 6-corners; straight thru on Walnut St., joining trolley. Cross long iron bridge over Schuylkill river 48.3.

48.7 0.8 23rd St,; meeting cross-trolly, turn left.

48.9 0.2 Market St.; meeting cross-trolley, turn right.

49.5 0.6 PHILADELPHIA, at city hall, Penna. sta. on left.

Route 215—Philadelphia to Reading, Pa.—56.5 m.

Reverse Route 272.

Via Oak Lane, Chestnut Hill, Norristown and Pottstown. Macadam road all the way.
Thru a suburban residential section to Barren Hill; then thru a rolling and hilly farming country.
Route 212 offers an option to Barren Hill thru Fairmont Park.
MILEAGE{ Total Mileage   Distance Between Points}
For this and other exits see City Map, page 242.
For Enlarged Map of Congested Business District see page 244.
0.0 0.0 PHILADELPHIA, at north side of city hall, Masonic temple on right. Go north on Broad St.

4.6 4.6 The Circle; curve right around same and continue ahead on Broad St.

5.9 1.3 Fork; just beyond 5-corners; bear left with trolley. Thru Branchtown 6.4.

7.1 1.2 Oak Lane, left-hand street just beyond 4-corners at drug store. Turn left away from trolley onto Haines St. Cross trolly 7.7.

Thru 4-corners at U. S. Naval cemetery 7.9.

8.3 1.2 Irregular 4-corners; turn right onto Stenton Ave.

11.6 3.3 Chestnut Hill, end of road at foot of hill. Turn right onto Bethlehem pike.


* Bryn Mawr, Pa. (pop 4,000, alt. 413 ft.), is best known as being the seat of the Bryn Mawr college for women.
* Haverford, Pa. Here is located Haverford college, a Quaker institution, and the justly famed Merion club.

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1920, Official automobile blue book, 1920 Volume 3, New York ; Chicago : Automobile Blue Book Publishing Co.