Economic Status of Negroes

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Economic Status of Negroes


Bryn Mawr College


The "Economic Status of Negroes" article advertises the conference to the Bryn Mawr Community and comments on the recent lack of attendance at college-hosted events.


The College News, 1931-04-22, Vol.17, No.19


Bryn Mawr College




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Economic Status of Negroes

The College News, we will have you know, is a venerable and respectable paper. It is far from our aim to lead our readers into ruddy, r dic l [sic] ways. We are sensible that we could not if we would. We desire only to awake in the Bryn Mawr breast the old intellectual curiosity. We urge that an opportunity to investigate one of the most important political, economic and sociological problems of the day be not passed over. In short, we urge you to attend the Liberal Club conference on the economic status of negroes. To this conference, in Goodhart on Saturday, liberal thinkers are coming from all over the East. We who are here at Bryn Mawr should not because our opportunities are greater appreciate them less. This year some of the best musicians, dancers and speakers have been brought to Bryn Mawr only to be unhonored and unsung except by the few. Has the college become poor in taste, we wonder—or only in purse?
N. B.—The conference is free!


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1931, Economic Status of Negroes, Bryn Mawr College